The Top 7... Franchise Embarrassments

Grand Theft Auto Advance
(2004, GBA)

Rockstar - the rebel of the gaming industry. This is the company that hid a sex simulator in one product and incorporated extreme genital torture into another. Yet the ballsiest thing (huh? huh?) the publisher ever attempted was cramming the entire GTA experience - including sex, violence and language - onto a 32-bit Nintendo handheld. Success might have cemented badass status forever.

Translation, however, can be a bitch. 3D was scrapped for top-down 2D. The open world sandbox suddenly became linear. Radio stations were replaced by the same song, looping over and over. The vehicles miraculously managed to handle even poorer than before. There was no voiceover. There was no map.

Yes, GTA looked and played like this on the PC (and Game Boy Color), but that was pre-2001 and pre-GTA III. Taking the series back by such a gargantuan step in 2004, smack dab between the release of Vice City and San Andreas, was a mistake even the mighty Rockstar must regret.