The Top 7... Fictional Presidents

If you need more proof that Perfect Dark’s Commander-in-Chef was ahead of his time, scope that resemblance to a certain African-American presidential candidate! And since he doesn’t have a name, we shall henceforth call him Brock Schmobama.

Above: Okay... maybe they’re just both black

As an equal opportunity employer, President Schmobama has been lauded for his progressive hiring of women in the workplace, most famously in the case of Madame Joanna Dark in the first Perfect Dark game on the N64. Together this political power couple fought the good fight, toppling a plot perpetuated by defense contractors and aliens conspiring to replace Schmobama with a clone and seizing control of a WMD.

The two became thick as thieves. So chummy, in fact, that Schmobama enacted the “Infinite Retry Act” which allowed Lady Dark to endlessly kill him in the method of her choosing without fear of reprisal. Peep our video below for the many ways one can dispose of a (FICTIONAL!) President.

Taft’s Trivia: Unfortunately, many middle class gamers could only experience a fraction of Perfect Dark’s gameplay features, including co-op and single player! Forging an alliance with the proud country of Donkey Kong, Mr. Schmobama was instrumental in spreading awareness of the N64 Expansion Pak. Godspeed, good sir.

- President Max’s first course of action will be to stop his opponent’s tidal wave of destruction
- President Max will educate the populace as to what exactly a “lagomorph” is
- President Max will try to make the transition onto home consoles

Freelance police work can take you places, but even the greatest gumshoe couldn’t have predicted that it would wisk them off to our nation’s highest office in the nation. Yet that’s exactly what happened to the Rabbit Thingy Least Likely when Sam and Max’s intrepid detective work landed them in the Oval Office.

After unseating a puppet president conspiracy seemingly ripped from the minds of Tom Clancy and Jim Henson, it’s up to Max to fill the president’s seat and bring right back to a nation torn asunder. Unfortunately, his opponent is a towering statue of President Abe Lincoln.

Above: Evil Abe

Upon losing the election, Robo-Abe would go on a calamitous rampage, making his destruction the first on President Max’s to-do list. Fear not Sam & Max fans: President Max would live to sleuth another day. The guy never quits his day job, and continues to juggle duties of Commander-In-Chief and comedic foil throughout the end of Sam & Max’s first season.

Taft’s Trivia: Max is actually something called a “Lagomorph” a rodent like creature related to the rabbit family. Now you know!