The Top 7... E3 games we don't want to see

6. Crash of the Titans

The first time we saw this (some months ago at this point), all we had to go on was a title. Crash of the Titans, eh? Sounds like a Twisted Metal-style smash-up starring the pantheon of Greece's most devastating deities. Hm? It's another Crash Bandicoot game? Oh.

Well, our hands-on time revealed a fairly competent little platformer that lets you hijack enemies and use their powers, but c'mon, it's been done. To death.

It's a game for the younger, less discriminate set and that's that. Sure it might be an alright game when it finally ships, but is anyone honestly waiting by their computer, constantly refreshing the page to see if any new Crash news has surfaced?

Co-op play might make it a bearable adventure, but we'll be sure to take our wide-eyed novelty glasses into the meeting and attempt to catch a few winks.

5. Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2

We've got nothing against Naruto. His adventures have led to a few respectable games, but the original Uzumaki Chronicles is not one of them. It was a repetitive mission-based run-and-puncher that probably bored everyone who wasn't wearing underwear with Sasuke's face on the crotch. Nothing horrendous, nothing great... just another blah button-basher that didn't really aspire to do much.

And now there's another one that looks like the same thing again. Maybe our hands-on time wasn't long enough to reveal the new quirks. It's possible. The more likely story, however, is that it's going to be the same thing it was last year, only with... more nothing.  Just send us an e-mail with the new playable characters listed, and call it a day.


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  • ballplayer27 - April 5, 2009 5:16 a.m.

    First. Someone has to fail, not all the games can sell millions of copies. My guess is that most of these games will get to be the utter failures that make us love the successes that much more.

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