The Top 7... E3 games that sunk without trace

Cancelled, postponed or simply AWOL, these games never saw the light of day

Is this the biggest WTF moment of Nintendo's E3 Wii demonstrations? It's a close call between this and that awful Wii Music demo that made us look at each other, then at the demo, back at each other and then at the exit. It's a heart rate monitor into which you insert your finger.Say that in the voice of Stewie Griffin for best effect.

It may well have been the polar opposite of Miyamoto coming out dressed as Link and handing out free money (or something), but whether it's mad or not, where is it? This was E3 2009, which is two years ago now and we haven't seen anything of the device in all of that time.

Iwata seemed very pleased when he spoke about it, even going so far as to say videogames in the future might be used to "Let people unwind or even make it easier for people to fall asleep".

Nah, mate – nobody's going to have trouble sleeping with this E3 conference in the world.

Likelihood of it coming back:

No way. Nintendo seems to have gotten over its obsession with pleasing this non-gaming gamer, probably because said stereotype bought the Wii, played it once and then never touched it again. While we'd love to play a Resident Evil game with a real heart rate monitor that uses your vitals to change gameplay, it's not going to happen on Wii. And the device itself is surely too weird to venture out into the real world. This one's flatlined.

This one appears to have come quite a long way through its production cycle. The E3 trailer could have been pre-rendered (especially considering its undeniable quality) – see what you think:

Ah, but what about this next video? This is full-on gameplay. It reminds us of Kane & Lynch, which probably isn't a good thing, but there's not really anything wrong with it. Just nothing particularly right either.

The cover mechanic seems to be the game's greatest achievement, with some nice sliding over car bonnets to emerge from cover and good use of switching positions as the two characters interact with each other. However, whoever's playing really should watch their back when they're popping up out of cover like that to attack.

Likelihood of it coming back:

It didn't look that great, really, did it? Granted, most of the work appears to have been done, but the gameplay here looks capable, if a little predictable. Suffice to sayit didn't surprise us too much to hear that it had been cancelled in 2008. But thena reportin 2009 stated that Studio London had merely placed the project on hold, along with The Getaway 3. But what games could be worth focusing on over such ambitious projects?

SingStar and EyePet. Good work.

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