The Top 7... Bloodiest fighting games

Even if you weren’t aware of Thrill Kill when it was originally planned for the PS1, it’s since been in so many “most violent games” lists that just about everyone with an internet connection should know its entire story. The short version is that EA ultimately felt it was too bloody and offensive to release, so it canned the finished game and sat on it. Not too long after, the full thing spread across the internet and we all realized it wasn’t that great of a game in the first place.

Above: Several minutes of shattering bodies and writhing nurses. Enjoy!

But, true to its reputation, it was pretty nasty and had some legitimately disturbing characters beating the hell out of each other, and apparently relishing every second of it. And even though the visuals look dated and rough by today’s standards, Thrill Kill’s mean spirited mutilation still contains some of the most intense images to (sort of) appear on the PlayStation

Most effed up fatality: There’s a whole lot to choose from here, but the kicker would have to be from Cletus, who tears the loser’s head off and dangles it over his mouth while he gulps down a torrent of brainy blood. That video is filled with some really weird shit.

3 %26ndash; Kasumi Ninja

There are several misguided fighting games of the ‘90s (Way of the Warrior, Ultra Vortek, Cosmic Carnage, Tattoo Assassins), but one of the best/worst is Kasumi Ninja, an irredeemably trashy fighter that desperately attempted to cash in on Mortal Kombat’s meteoric rise to fame. That means motion-captured actors turned into crudely animated sprites that slowly and embarrassingly paw at each other while cartoony red glop flies across the screen.

Above: Probably the dumbest two minutes of your day

It ranks higher than the others because it’s so absurdly blanketed in blood. The life bars drip blood, the floor retains blood splatter from the fight, the fatalities squirt blood across the screen… blood blood blood everywhere, and not a single drop matters because it’s all done so poorly.

Most effed up fatality: I’m not even sure what that red thing is, but it’s so misshapen and ambiguous that it’s actually kinda scary. Apparently it likes to tear people’s heads off and hold them up as if to consume, but instead freezes and just stares at them, as if admiring the disembodied skull. Creepy.