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The sexy, sexy ladies of Comic-con

San Diego's annual Comic-con is many things: a testament to the enduring appeal of comics, a geekstorm, and a cultural collision of all those things like anime and sci-fi and videogames that used to be niche-y but have found their way into mainstream acceptance.

It's also a great place to go and see gorgeous paid spokesmodels in ridiculous, skimpy outfits mingle with less superhuman, garden-variety babes in equally ridiculous, skimpy outfits. So we hit the floor and snapped our shutter at anything that either had breasts or was wearing vinyl. Sure, one of these ladies might be a grandmother and another may actually be a man, but admit it - in the back of your head, you're thinking that any chick who says "yes" to one of these costumes won't say "no" to much else.

By the way, you can see these shots in their original sizes by hitting the Images tab, where they'll be joined by the lovelies from our Sexy sexy girls of E3 feature. 



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