The Sexy Babes of Soulcalibur IV

Above: Returning ninja Taki sports torpedo-shaped mammary glands. That’s as close to a “booby” trap joke as we’re gonna get, folks

Above: At just 15, Talim’s kinda like your best friend’s little sister that you have odd feelings for - but once she turns 18 it’s okay. She’s that hot

Above: Tira’s yoga helps her get into all kinds of “positions.” Get it? GET IT?!

Above: Xianghua’s rather tame pose is actually hiding the fact that she’s screwing you with her eyes

Jun 26, 2008

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  • jimsondanet - November 8, 2008 12:04 p.m.

    ohhh dudes! only three pages! thats a bit stink its a bit difficult with taki init?! on the one hand you got the the obvious and on the other hand shes holding a rather large knife o_0 hey, they should do character specific grab moves ;]

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