The Sexy Babes of Soulcalibur IV

Hey kids - wanna see something hot and steamy? Of course you do! We’ve scored exclusive screens and videos from the latest entry in Namco’s sexy brawler, Soulcalibur IV. And don’t worry - there’s nary a trace of a battle-scarred Darth Vader sporting a teeny bikini or Yoda flashing his Muppet taint poolside. These screens showcase the fighters of the fairer sex (read: ladies) and if the included art doesn’t melt your butter (man or woman), then you don’t know what sexy is. Behold!

Above: If Cassandra’s not openly flirting with us, then we don’t know women

Above: Sorry, what were you saying?

Above: Overhead sword attacks work best when Talim’s legs are spread. Just sayin’

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