The rough guide to Warhawk

Ground transport
Sit rep: Jeeps and tanks make up the ground-based vehicle list, with tanks well equipped for taking on enemy bases while jeeps need at least a two-man team to become anything more than a getaway vehicle. Neither is as effective as the airborne jets, but both are preferable to tackling an enemy on foot.

Job one: Getting comfortable with spinning the tank's turret, firing and moving all at once is a crucial skill - otherwise it quickly becomes a hulking metal coffin. Meanwhile, pulling up in your jeep and honking the horn should alert any nearby footsoldiers that there's a machinegunner needed. Steaming off in an unprotected jeep is a last resort, useful only for scouting out weapons or travelling short distances.

Best offense: Skillful tank maneuvers can confidently overcome fixed-gun emplacements, like rocket or flak turrets. The tank's reload time beats any immovable turret, and it takes less than a few direct hits to blast a gun point to smithereens. The jeep's nippy handling and speed make it perfect for swooping on unprotected command points or escaping with captured flags - tanks will struggle to draw a bead on such a fast moving target, while a machinegunner makes light work of any opposition on foot.

Warning: Both tanks and jeeps are easy fodder for jet attack, and neither has a weapon that can lock on and fight back effectively. Taking out even a hovering jetcraft with a tank's cannon requires masterful aiming. It's best to stick to assaulting enemy bases with the ground vehicles, rather than directly attacking enemy units themselves.

Tactics corner: Teaming up brings out the best in these vehicles. With a tank or two leading the attack and drawing attention, a fully manned jeep can hang back before swooping past shattered defenses and overwhelming the respawning enemies inside a rival base.

Sit rep: Warhawk 's ground-mounted turrets come in three flavors: Anti-air missiles, flak cannons and assault cannons. Settle in at the controls of any one of these babies, though, and you make yourself a high priority target, not to mention a sitting duck - albeit a massively well powered one. Use wisely, or get the hell out.

Job one: It's important to pre-empt any attacks, since the swivel of each turret is slow enough to enable skilled opposition to zip past to safety. First task, then, for any budding turret-fan is to survey the area and be ready for attack from the most likely directions.

Best offense: Though turrets can be effective against all enemies, tackling airborne foes is the best approach. Flak guns work best at distance, laying down explosive barrier fire ahead of an enemy's advance, while the ground-to-air missile turrets are devastating if used with a steady aim. The assault cannons, meanwhile, spit out a vicious wall of firepower, perfect for targeting oncoming jets.

Warning: Turrets can easily come unstuck when up against ground forces, and there's something deeply humiliating about an enemy getting so close that the guns can't tilt down far enough to hit the target. Tanks are real turret killers, mobile enough to avoid being hit, but powerful enough to smash a gun position with just a few hits.


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