The Professionals - Microwaves

Joe Cartoon's "Hamster in a Microwave"

Bows: The cavity is well lit, but I can’t see the internal extraction mesh and plastic cover for the microwave waveguide feed. The hamster’s survival implies the mains voltage supply is very low, while the power output from the magnetron drops off sharply, so the hamster would be irradiated by a few watts rather than the oven’s nominal power output. The hamster’s blood supply could just about dissipate the temperature rise. It’s surprising that a commercial oven would be susceptible to mains voltage fluctuations - it really needs a service.

GamesRadar rating – 2 out of 5 stars – Not funny and incorrect

A disappointing batch of microwaves perhaps, but The Sims 2 wins by a nose by paying attention to safety regulations and basic microwave science. And perhaps by not just drawing the thing from memory.


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