The Professionals - Enchantments

Whether or not you believe in the healing power of crystals, games are riddled with the things. Sometimes they talk to you and tell you what buttons to press to make your character jump or eat an entire string of sausages, and sometimes they teleport you, or save your game. The mystery of enchantments shrouds almost every fantasy game, and we reckon it’s time to debunk this particular aspect of the paranormal with the help of Dan Kahn, a practitioner of the healing arts.


Kahn: The human eye is an excellent light meter - so using the light gem to see how much darkness you’re in seems to be a gameplay mechanic rather than an esoteric technique. To stretch a point though - crystals have been shown to have a piezoelectric effect when exposed to light - they generate electricity the brighter it is. So, if you were sensitive to “energy,” you’d discern the change in the crystal’s energy signature. It’s far easier to use your eyes, though.

GamesRadar rating - 2 out of 5 stars - Pointless crystal usage


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