The ports that had no right to work

Game: Portal

Format: Flash

Portal? In 2D? In Flash!? Yes, it happened, and yes, it was great. Fantastic even.

The Flash version of Portal  doesn’t just prove that the medium can provide far more than generic point and click shooting galleries and delightfully messed up cartoons. No, the Flash version of Portal is all the evidence you need to show that 2D gaming is still capable of just as much cool stuff as 3D. In the hands of talented and devious games designers, that missing dimension doesn’t hinder things. In just creates a whole new set of challenges and possibilities.

The fact that Portal works so well in 2D also says a lot about the genius of the original game’s concept. In the same way that a good tune will work on any instrument, the simple but revelatory mechanic of Portal absolutely flies in 2D. All of the rules are the same. All of the features we love are present and correct. But everything’s completely different. But exactly the same. And just as good.

We love this one, we really do.