The next big game-to-film franchise is…

Universal has greenlit a film based on US board game Candy Land.

Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen and Enchanted director Kevin Lima are officially board  to script and helm the film,

While the likes of Transformers and the upcoming GI Joe are generating plenty of big buzz (and, in the giant robots’ case, big bucks) for studios, we knew the toy bandwagon was well and truly built.

We can just about see Monopoly becoming a movie. But Candy Land?

From Mr Wiki’s mighty Pedia: “It has become a cultural icon in the U.S., where it is among the first board games played by children because it requires no ability to read and only minimal counting skills.”

Yes, the basic “plot” of the game boils down to finding the lost king of Candy Land by taking cards from a deck and moving along to spaces that match the cards’ colours. And that’s pretty much it.

True, Lima built a solidly enjoyable fantasy that tweaked Disney movies, and Cohen helped bring us Kirk Lazarus. But frankly this one has us puzzled – and yet we can’t wait to see what they build from these most basic of components…

[Source: Variety ]

Which of your old board games do you think could make a good movie? Are you yearning for a KerPlunk epic starring Jason Statham? Tell us!


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