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  • Various Cheats

    During Gameplay put in one of these codes
    Limit_Up # - Limit units to # (Replace # with the number you want)
    ByeBye - Lose Level
    Cheater 1 - Start cheat mode
    Cheater 0 - Disable cheat mode
    MyBrainIsFaster 1 - Research is faster
    MoneyForNothing # - Get # money (Replace # with the number you want)
    beautiful moon 0 or beautiful moon 1 - Map toggle
    hotground - Place mines
    nobelprize - Get researched items
    ultrascience - Research faster
    hide - Fog on
    shower - get meteor shower
    smash - Kills units at 8 range
    hereyouare! - Shows opponents
    judgementday - Destroy visible opponents
    gohome! - destroy selected building
    sciencefornothing - Free research
    idkfa - Shields & health & ammo for units
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