The Making of Grand Theft Auto

Before the controversy, before the massive sales, before hot coffee, Grand Theft Auto was simply a top-down action game with wild ambition and a driving concept of a "living city." Who knew that concept wouldone day transform theentire videogame industry?Probably nobody,so it's worth taking a look behind the scenes to see how GTA got its start, complete with the conflict,concepts and chaos that went with it. Thanks to our friends at Edge magazine in the UK, we're happy to provide this three-part investigation into Grand Theft Auto's tumultuous past.

Part one: "The original idea was to create a gamebased in a living city..."
Part two:"I sat through heated design meetings, which resulted in tears. Screaming, punches and arguments were common."
Part three:"They said it would simply not sell and we should drop the title. This was only three months from completion."