The longest game intro movie ever

18 mins, 10 seconds
There’s a flashback-within-a-flashback. This is never, ever, ever a good thing. It’s at this point in Yakuza 2 that you start thinking about leaving to make a sandwich for a bit.

Interesting tidbit
The mini-games this time around include bowling, baseball and, er, picking up women. One should be familiar!

27 mins, 3 seconds
A tower block explodes. Why not take this opportunity to trim your toenails? Or, if your feeling adventurous, your "private area?” Our tip? Dry-shave with a disposable razor.

Interesting tidbit
The random battles return, but are a lot less irritating due to the complete absence of loading times. Hurrah!

35 mins, 11 seconds
After half-an-hour, eight loading screens and countless lines of virtually impenetrable dialogue, we’re finally allowed to start playing Yakuza 2. It better be worth it after all this…

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