The Godfather: The Don's Edition - hands-on

Other additions include complete redesigns for the four rival-family headquarters, as well as a series of blackmail missions that can net you free police protection. As far as differences between the two console versions go, the PS3 version features even more content than the Wii edition, with two big "transport hubs" - a Usual Suspects-inspired shipyard and a railyard - that we're told will be the two biggest, deadliest takeover battles in the entire game.

The PS3 edition will also feature "Corleone Challenges," time-limited minigames that'll have you killing guys and blowing up safes to raise your rank on an online leaderboard.

There's also a noticeable visual divide between the two versions, which isn't surprising. What is surprising, however, is that while the Wii version looks like a jaggy GameCube port, the PS3 edition doesn't really look that much better. It's in high-definition, sure, and that makes a big difference - the textures are crisper and more detailed, and the lighting effects are amazing. But don't expect the graphical punch of, say, MotorStorm or Resistance.

That said, both Blackhand Edition and The Don's Edition both show a lot of promise, if only because they've rekindled our interest in a game we thought we were sick to death of. The variety, interactivity and violence are all being ramped way up, so if you've got a shiny new system and haven't played The Godfather yet, March could be the time to check it out.



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