The Godfather: The Don's Edition - hands-on

We had a chance to fully try out the new controls on one of the five new hit missions, which task you with eliminating key figures in a new crime family muscling its way in from Chicago. Here, we had to head to a hotel protected by the rival Barzini family, creep up to the roof - a whole new environment, by the way - and then shoot our way across a few rooftops to find our target in a neighboring penthouse.

He was protected by a couple of gun-wielding chicks in underwear, whom we had to kill - a shocker, given that we don't remember earlier versions of the game ever pitting us against women. After they were dead, the hit contract said we had to push our target off a balcony, so we grabbed him and - with some difficulty - dragged him out onto a ledge and shoved him over.

The cool part came when we left the building. In a first for the game, the guy we'd just killed had fallen into a car, and police, concerned citizens and news photographers were crawling all over the place and asking each other what had happened. It wasn't a spontaneous thing, obviously, but that's the first time we've made that big a dent in The Godfather's game world, literally or figuratively.

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