The Godfather extends its influence

The Godfather, last year's movie inspired GTA-a-like actioner, is pushing into new territory this March, with The Godfather: The Don's Edition planned for PS3 and The Godfather: Blackhand Edition aimed at Wii, developer Electronic Arts has revealed.

The Don's Edition comes to PS3 complete with The Corleone Expansion Pack, adding brand new missions and gameplay to the gangland experience currently doing the rounds on Xbox 360, PC, Xbox and PS2. It'll also include SixAxis support - think pummeling the space in front of your TV to bash the teeth outta' some rivals.

Meanwhile, Wii's Blackhand Edition uses the Wii -mote for even more motion-sensitive violence - use the pointer for pin-point gunplay, or box an enemy like a prize-fighter in the comfort of your living room. Probably good ideas to empty the room before you bust out either of these revised versions.

PS3 also plays host to two new areas in the game - the Shipyard and Railyard "hubs." Both versions offer you the ability to sniff out bent coppers, wage war on two reshuffled Mafia broods and execute five new contract hits or call in Corleone hit squads when you need some extra punch.

Can these motion-happy updates regain the The Godfather enough critical respect to be worthy of a place in our families? Or will we run out of lame gangster jokes before EA runs out of new ways to release the same game? Only time - and GamesRadar's inevitable review scores - will tell.

January 11, 2007


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