The Godfather: Blackhand Edition - hands-on

During our brief play session, the Wii controls felt pretty well suited to the task of roughing up small-business owners and capping rival mobsters. In addition to the obvious decisions - using the Nunchuk's analog stick to run around and steer cars, pointing the remote to aim at specific areas on an enemy - a bunch of small, optional actions have been built in. Twisting the remote like a doorknob can open doors, for example, and a lobbing motion enables you to toss the bottles and rocks that litter the environments. Racking the Nunchuk like a shotgun, meanwhile, reloads that weapon. To see some examples of what we're talking about, hit the Movies tab and look for "Wii controls - 01-12-07."

Most of the cool stuff is reserved, again, for when you're fighting someone hand-to-hand want to get in their face. Here, you swing the controls around the way you want your mobster to swing his hands, delivering punches and slaps with flicks of your wrists. Headbutts are delivered by grabbing your enemy and headbutting the controllers, and you can even strangle your victim by waggling the controllers up and down, which we guess is meant to simulate a garrote. Other "executions" require more complicated movements to pull off, and guide images of those will pop up onscreen when you need them.


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