The genesis of Resident Evil

Resident Evil 2

The outbreak of the T-Virus reaches Raccoon City. Into the chaos come Claire Redfield (looking for her brother Chris) and rookie police officer Leon Kennedy. The two are separated, but fight their way through the city and discover the underground laboratory of Dr. William Birkin, an Umbrella researcher who has developed the G-Virus and mutated into a monster. Claire and Leon manage to defeat Birkin and a Tyrant that is sent to retrieve a G-virus sample. Then they escape the city with Birkin's daughter, Sherry.

Links in the chain

Key to the Tyrants is Beta Hetero Non Serotonin, a hormone secreted by teenagers. This was harvested by Vincent Goldman during the events of Survivor. It was used to create RE 2's T-103.

Lisa Trevor (see previous page)was infected with the Progenitor Virus and parasite but her DNA rejected them. Her unique physical make-up led to Birkin's development of the G-Virus and the Nemesis parasite.

At the end of RE 2, Leon joins an anti-Umbrella group and is sent to an incident on a cruiser. He disappears, so Barry Burton, also in the group, follows him. Their adventure unfolds in Resident Evil: Gaiden.

A T-0400TP Tyrant was fitted with neurological inhibitors so it would protect humans. Unfortunately, as seen in Outbreak, it was a failure.