The Future According to Videogames

A catastrophic nuclear war, known as The Great War, lasts less than two hours but causes huge amounts of devastation and massive loss of life. Some people survive after taking refuge in fallout shelters or 'Vaults'.
Fallout | PC | 1997

Bikes travelling at speeds in excess of 750mph compete in the XGRA Global Season Tour of 2080. The event is covered by Sports Interactive News Network.
Extreme-G Racing Association | GameCube, PS2, Xbox | 2003

Scientists create a species of cyborg known as 'Robotrons'. The Robotrons realise that their makers are inferior and subsequently attempt to wipe mankind from the face of the planet.
Robotron 2084 | Arcade | 1982

Governments are stripped of military power following the end of a costly war for Earth's diminishing resources. Consequently, large corporations have greater influence over Earth's - and its colonies - affairs.
G-Police | PSOne | 1997

A full-blown 'Crime War' erupts in Los Angeles. Police combat gangs using multi-vehicular mech-technology.
Future Cop: LAPD | PSOne | 1998

In the wake of natural disasters and social unrest, the arena-based 'Battle Game' emerges as the only amusement left for civilisation. Opponents fight in 'standing tank' suit technology, competing for power and upper class citizenship.
Battle Clash | SNES | 1992

Due to over population, people begin inhabiting man-made space colonies. Use of armoured mech-suits is common in Earth's primary army, known as 'Earth Force'.
Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness | Saturn, PSOne | 1995

A popular new sport known as 'Battle Cars' emerges in the surviving cities of an Earth devastated by global warming and global warfare. The only rule of this aggressive vehicular competition is to win.
Battle Cars | SNES | 1993

Following a catastrophic nuclear war at the end of the 21st Century and headed by a group of survivors called 'The Project', the rebuilding of civilization begins.
Warzone 2100 | PC, PSOne | 1999

Depleted supplies of Earth's natural resources force mankind to embark on an extrasolar plan of colonization in order to ensure the survival of the human race. After many years of planning, the first ships of colonists leave Earth for the Alpha Centauri system. The journey takes them 10 years.
Killzone 2 | PS3 | 2009

Intergalactic invaders known as 'Dark Axis' launch a full-scale assault against Earth and its United Government. Defending troops are issued with jet-propelled suits of robotic armour.
Metal Warriors | SNES | 1995

The Coalition (formed by Russia, China and Middle-Eastern countries) launch a devastating surprise attack against the Alliance (comprising America, Japan, Australia and Europe). The French and Italian fleets are completely destroyed.
Starlancer | Dreamcast, PC | 2000

In the wake of a new Ice Age, the two dominant world superpowers - the European Union and the Pan Asian Coalition - wage an immense war against each other for control of the remaining habitable parts of the planet. Battle mechs are used during the conflict.
Battlefield 2142 | PC | 2006

Earth is infiltrated by shape-shifting aliens called Morphs. The Morphs set a plot in motion to take over the planet.
Flashback | PC, Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES | 1992

A discovery of advanced alien technology on Mars leads to the development of faster than light travel. In turn, this marks the beginning of detailed exploration of the solar system.
Mass Effect | 360 | 2007

A huge flood caused by the melting polar ice cap divides the United States vertically in two. In the wake of the aftermath, the Western states become the Republic of Pacifica and the East states form the Atlantic Alliance. Each adopts different strategies to survive the new age - Pacifica experiments in gene technology, while the Atlantic Alliance embraces cybernetics.
Fracture | 360, PS3 | 2008

High-speed racing known as 'Fatal Inertia' rises to prominence as one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It is widely controlled - as is business and politics - by a few major corporations.
Fatal Inertia | 360 | 2007

An alien overlord known as Notorious Mental sends extraterrestrial forces to Earth in a bid to destroy humankind.
Serious Sam | PC | 2001

Earth is surrounded and attacked by the fleet of an aggressive alien race called the Skaarj. Several million humans die in the assault, but ultimately the New Earth Government defeat the attackers by destroying the Skaarj mothership.
Unreal | PC | 1998

Scientists develop the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, which makes it possible for spacecraft to travel faster-then-light, allowing them to cover huge distances in a relatively short amount of time.
Halo | Xbox | 2001

Humanity is at war with an alien race called TimeSplitters. The hostile invaders plot to use 'time crystals' to alter Earth's history and bring the planet to ruin.
TimeSplitters 2 | Gamecube, PS2, Xbox | 2002

Mars is colonized in an effort to ease Earth's overcrowding. The Mars Development Agency is given local control over the colonies.
Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting | Dreamcast | 2000

Multibillionaires made rich by intergalactic trade and desperate for new entertainment introduce a high-speed sport called F-Zero racing.
F-Zero | SNES | 1991

Alien invaders rampage through Earth's cities, causing widespread destruction. The onslaught is led by serial invader, Red Falcon. Earth relies on two commandos to defeat the enemy.
Contra III: The Alien Wars | SNES | 1992

Earth is a prison planet - it's sole purpose to keep criminals and political agitators incarcerated. An organization evolved from the prison society starts an uprising with schemes on taking over the planet.
Neo Contra | PS2 | 2004

After thousands of years colonizing the far reaches of space, humankind has all but vacated Earth. Earth no longer appears on star charts and has been renamed Lost Jerusalem.
Xenosaga | PS2 | 2003

And there you have it. Over 5000 years of make-believe Earth future as written by videogames. The frightening thing is, much of it sounds well within the realms of believability. Even the alien invasion bits. But let's not dwell on the bleak prospect of the melting polar caps, nuclear war,another Ice Age, cybernetic armies, catastrophic pollution, overcrowding and the disappearance of all natural resources. Let's look on the bright side instead - if we do pull through to the 73rd Century we can pretty much guarantee that the gaming will be awesome! W00t! Bring on the future!