The ever-changing sizes of Samus, Ridley and Kraid

Flash forward eight (!) years past Super Metroid and we get the next entry in the series, the fully re-imagined Metroid Prime. With such reverence still hovering around Super Metroid, the very notion that Retro Studios would change the historically 2D game into a first-person adventure set forums and games journalists into a dizzying spin of speculation and “HOW COULD THEY DO THIS” rants. Turns out it became the GameCube’s best game, and a perfect reintroduction to the franchise.

Above: Ridley appears at the very beginning, sabotaging another space station and leaving it to explode with Samus aboard

Above: Wait, what? He’s covered in metal, has a fiery chest and his wings are bigger than ever. That’s ‘cause this is “Meta Ridley,” a rebuilt cyborg version of the original creature

Above: A quick flyby reveals just how large those wings are now, with Ridley himself appearing to be just a bit larger than he was in Super Metroid

The best part? Prime takes place between Metroid 1 and 2, meaning Super Metroid’s Ridley, who looks totally organic, exists after the enhanced Meta Ridley. So chronologically he goes from lizard to cyborg back to lizard? Wha?

Above: Ridley reappears in Prime 3 as Meta/Omega Ridley. This screen suggests he’s roughly the same size as he was/will be in Super Metroid. We say that because Samus fits in his mouth easily here; compare that with the SNES shots and they line up pretty well. Except for those massive wings, anway

But what about Kraid? He was set to appear in Metroid Prime, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. Artist Gene Kohlermocked up the character (to be called Meta Kraid) with a metal plate over his head, though neither Kraid nor this design have ever existed beyond this piece of art:

Above: Didn’t make it into any of the three (five, technically) Metroid Prime games