The etiquette of gaming like a MAN

It’s a sign to everyone else that lets them know that you’re serious about your gaming, serious about hand-controller traction and less serious about your cleaning. And there’s nothing more manly than not cleaning. Except gaming like a man.

Samurai warriors in feudal Japan could regain their lost honor by committing a ritual suicide.

Jeez, we were just sayin’. If you’re too big a wuss to redeem your honor with the ultimate sacrifice, the least you can do is stay in the match until it’s over and not ruin things for everyone else, you big baby.

For rock-hard fingers possessing the strength of a mutant lion with opposable thumbs, the only replacement for spending four hours a day squeezing rocks into diamonds, is spending five hours. And you’ll need that strength if your A button gets really, really… seriously, really stuck.

Be aware that there’s a time and a place for certain things. How would you like it if we practiced our bear-fighting techniques next to your Kurt Russell film collection?

Who cares about cutscenes you may ask? We don’t care much, but we care even less about what you have to say (while we’re playing). We want to know what we’re supposed to blow up next, so no blabbing during the cutscene banter. You may resume speaking when the scene is finished.