The E3 you didn't see

Frying the Big Fish
Everyone knows that rock and roll is all about sticking it to the man, and so are these select clips in our highlights reel. Keep an eye out for our favorite embarrassing moments from the major press conferences: Peter Moore (now at EA - link to news story) flubbing his way through Rock Band, Reggie Fils-Aime's Mii packing on the pounds, and Jack Tretton being threatened by Chewbacca.

Sunset Strip
Throughout the video, you'll catch select scenes of GamesRadar's night out in Hollyweird at Bethesda's E3 party. Bullriding was a real hit with the ladies, but unfortunately Jinx from the Frag Dolls wasn't having any of it (as she points out in our interview ). So we settled for some footage of random partygoers being humiliated by the rampaging mechanical beastie. It wasn't all fun and bulls, though, as the next shot shows where we spent most of our time - in our mobile office, furiously squinting at laptops and cursing the maker.

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