The Dog Island

There’s a directional paw print you move on screen, and you hold down B in order to run in the direction you want. Your hero can pick up a fair pace, too, and it’s all very smooth, even letting you shift view and thereby strafe with the D-pad. Not that you’ll want to though, as you’ll end up in a circular dog-chasing-tail scenario.

Given that the controls don’t use the nunchuk at all, they actually manage to cram a fair amount into the remote, and it all feels very natural and - prepare for a Wii buzzword - intuitive. A is for action around objects and other animals, but when held down, itenacts your puppy’s ability to sniff out special items and secrets. Your sniffing is governed by a sort of “hotter/colder” meter, which lets you know when you’re going in the right direction. This actually works quite well, and you still have a nice sense of “ooh look at that” when you catch scent of a brand new item you might have walked straight past and missed.