The complete Pokemon RSE pokedex, part 8

Pokémon Name: Lunatone
Type: Rock/Psychic
Classification: Meteorite Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 337
Ability: Levitate
Location Found:
D/P/P: Lake Verity Surroundings, Lake Verity, Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, Spring Path, Turnback Cave (Sapphire inserted into DS)
HG/SS: Safari Zone (Mountain)
B/W: Route 13, Giant Chasm (all areas except water)
Evolution: None

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Tackle                          Normal
-                       Harden                         Normal
-                       Confusion                     Psychic
9                      Rock Throw                 Rock
12                    Hypnosis                      Psychic
20                    Rock Polish                  Rock
23                    Psywave                       Psychic
31                    Embargo                      Dark
34                    Cosmic Power              Psychic
42                    Heal Block                   Psychic
45                    Psychic                         Psychic
53                    Future Sight                  Psychic
56                    Explosion                     Normal

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