The complete Pokemon RSE pokedex, part 7

Pokémon Name: Spoink
Type: Psychic
Classification: Bounce Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 325
Ability: Thick Fat & Own Tempo
Dream World ability: Gluttony
Location Found:
D/P/P: Swarm in Route 214
HG/SS: Ilex Forest, Viridian Forest (post-National 'dex, must have Hoenn Sound playing via Pokemon Music Channel which plays only on Wednesday)
B/W: Poke Transfer
Evolution: To Grumpig at level 32

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Splash                          Normal
7                      Psywave                       Psychic
10                    Odor Sleuth                  Normal
14                    Psybeam                      Psychic
15                    Psych Up                     Normal
18                    Confuse Ray                 Ghost
21                    Magic Coat                  Psychic
26                    Zen Headbutt               Psychic
29                    Rest                             Psychic
29                    Snore                           Normal

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