The complete Pokemon RSE pokedex, part 6

Pokémon Name: Roselia
Type: Grass/Posion
Classification: Thorn Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 315
Ability: Natural Cure & Poison Point
Dream World ability: Leaf Guard
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Routes 212, 221, 224, 225, 229, Trophy Garden, Safari Game
Platinum: Routes 208, 209, 210, 212, 221, 224, 229 and 230, Trophy Garden, Great Marsh
HG/SS: Safari Zone (Marshland), evolve Budew
Black: Trade, Poke Transfer
White: Evolve Budew
Evolution: From Budew via Happiness (Daytime), to Roserade via Shiny Stone

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Absorb                         Grass
4                      Growth                        Normal
7                      Poison Sting                 Poison
10                    Stun Spore                   Grass
13                    Mega Drain                  Grass
16                    Leech Seed                  Grass
19                    Magical Leaf                Grass
22                    Grasswhistle                 Grass
25                    Giga Drain                    Grass
28                    Toxic Spikes                Poison
31                    Sweet Scent                 Normal
34                    Ingrain                          Grass
37                    Toxic                            Poison
40                    Petal Dance                  Grass
43                    Aromatherapy              Grass
46                    Syntehsis                      Grass

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