The complete Pokemon RSE pokedex, part 10

Pokémon Name: Absol
Type: Dark
Classification: Disaster Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 359
Ability: Pressure & Super Luck
Dream World ability: Justified
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Swarm in Route 213
Platinum: Mt. Coronet
HG/SS: Slowpoke Well, Union Cave, Dark Cave, Mt. Mortar, Mt. Silver, Mt. Moon, Whirl Islands, Ice Path, Ragged Cliff Gate, Diglett's Cave, Cerulean Cave, Rock Tunnel, Seafoam Islands, Victory Road, Tohjo Falls (post-National 'dex, must have Hoenn Sound playing via Pokemon Music Channel which plays only on Wednesday)
B/W: Route 13, Giant Chasm (outer entrance area)
Evolution: None

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Scratch                         Normal
4                      Leer                             Normal
9                      Taunt                            Dark
12                    Quick Attack                Normal
17                    Razor Wind                  Normal
20                    Pursuit                          Dark
25                    Swords Dance              Normal
28                    Bite                              Dark
33                    Double Team                Normal
36                    Slash                            Normal
41                    Future Sight                  Psychic
44                    Sucker Punch               Dark
49                    Detect                          Fight
52                    Night Slash                   Dark
57                    Me First                       Normal
60                    Psycho Cut                   Psychic

65                    Perish Song                  Normal

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