The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 9

Pokémon Name: Haunter
Type: Ghost/Poison
Classification: Gas Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 093
Ability: Levitate
Useful Attacks: Destiny Bond
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Turnback Cave, Old Chateau (with R/S/E/Fr/Lg inserted)
Platinum: Turnback Cave
HG/SS: Route 8, Safari Zone (Forest)
Black: Trade, Poke Transfer
White: Evolve Gastly

Haunter, the second stage in this evolutionary chain, learns some seriously cool moves. Destiny Bond KOs the enemy if Haunter goes down, Nightmare slowly saps the life out of sleeping foes and Shadow Ball puts on the hurt while simultaneously lowering special defense. He's so top-shelf that we hardly want to evolve him further, but it must be done - Gengar has even higher stats.

Evolution: To Gengar via Trading

Level              Attack                        Type
25                    Shadow Punch          Ghost
28                    Payback                     Dark
33                    Shadow Ball              Ghost
39                    Dream Eater              Psychic
44                    Dark Pulse                 Dark
50                    Destiny Bond             Ghost
55                    Nightmare                  Ghost

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