The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 8

Pokémon Name: Dewgong
Type: Water/Ice
Classification: Sea Lion Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 087
Ability: Thick Fat and Hydration
Dream World ability: Ice Body
Useful Attacks: Sheer Cold
Location Found:
Diamond: Surfing in Routes 226 and 230
Pearl: Trade with Diamond/Platinum/HG/SS
Platinum: Victory Road
HG/SS: Seafoam Islands
B/W: Giant Chasm (via Surf, bubble spots only)

Dewgong isn't going to wow anyone, but it's a competent Pokemon all around. The Ice-type Sheer Cold can instant-KO an enemy if it connects, and it's a move you won't get with Seel.

Evolution: From Seel at 34

Level              Attack                        Type
34                    Sheer Cold                Ice
37                    Take Down                Normal
41                    Dive                            Water
43                    Aqua Tail                    Water
47                    Ice Beam                    Ice
51                    Safeguard                  Normal

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