The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 7

Pokémon Name: Ponyta
Type: Fire
Classification: Fire Horse Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 077
Ability: Run Away and Flash Fire
Dream World ability: Flame Body
Useful Attacks: Fire Blast
Location Found:
D/P/P: Route 206, 210, 211, 214 and 215
HG/SS: Route 22, 26, 27, 28, Mt. Silver, Safari Zone (Plains)
B/W: Breed Rapidash, Dream World - Pleasant Forest

We've mentioned before that RBY is loaded with quality Fire Pokemon. Deciding on which you should train is a difficult process, made slightly easier by your preference of animal. If you happen to fancy horses over lizards or dogs, go with Ponyta - the stats and attacks are basically the same. Minor differences here and there, sure, but overall this is a solid move. The only real drawback is waiting until level 40 for the evolution. Oh, and it takes a little while for the Fire type moves to show up.

Evolution: To Rapidash at 40

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Tackle                         Normal
7                      Growl                          Normal
10                    Tail Whip                    Normal
16                    Ember                        Fire
19                    Stomp                         Normal
25                    Fire Spin                    Fire
28                    Take Down                Normal
34                    Agility                          Psychic
38                    Fire Blast                   Fire
44                    Bounce                       Flying
48                    Flare Blitz                   Fire

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