The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 7

Pokémon Name: Ponyta
Type: Fire
Classification: Fire Horse Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 077
Ability: Run Away and Flash Fire
Dream World ability: Flame Body
Useful Attacks: Fire Blast
Location Found:
D/P/P: Route 206, 210, 211, 214 and 215
HG/SS: Route 22, 26, 27, 28, Mt. Silver, Safari Zone (Plains)
B/W: Breed Rapidash, Dream World - Pleasant Forest

We've mentioned before that RBY is loaded with quality Fire Pokemon. Deciding on which you should train is a difficult process, made slightly easier by your preference of animal. If you happen to fancy horses over lizards or dogs, go with Ponyta - the stats and attacks are basically the same. Minor differences here and there, sure, but overall this is a solid move. The only real drawback is waiting until level 40 for the evolution. Oh, and it takes a little while for the Fire type moves to show up.

Evolution: To Rapidash at 40