The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 6

Pokémon Name: Growlithe
Type: Fire
Classification: Puppy Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 058
Ability: Intimidate and Flash Fire
Dream World ability: Justified
Useful Attacks: Flamethrower
Location Found:
D/P/P: Route 201 and Route 202 with FireRed inserted
HG: Routes 7, 8, 36, 37 and 48
SS: Trade with D/P/P/HG
B/W: Poke Transfer, Dream World - Pleasant Forest (requires at least 7500 Dream Points)

There's certainly no shortage of Fire Pokemon, but which is right for your team? Would you believe that Growlithe's evolution is practically on par with Charizard when it comes to attack, special attack and moves? It even begins with Bite, a powerful Dark-type move. Plus it's just cool to see what a tiger dog would look like. Go Growlithe!

Evolution: To Arcanine via Fire Stone

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Bite                             Dark
-                       Roar                            Normal
6                      Ember                           Fire
9                      Leer                            Normal
14                    Oder Sleuth                  Normal
17                    Helping Hand               Normal
20                    Flame Wheel                    Fire
25                    Reversal                      Fighting
28                    Fire Fang                        Fire
31                    Take Down                 Normal
34                    Flamethrower               Fire
39                    Agility                          Psychic
42                    Crunch                        Dark
45                    Heat Wave                 Fire
48                    Flare Blitz                   Fire

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