The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 5

Pokémon Name: Golduck
Type: Water
Classification: Duck Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 055
Ability: Damp and Cloud Nine
Dream World ability: Swift Swim
Useful Attacks: Hydro Pump
Location Found:
D/P/P: Pretty much anywhere you Surf
HG/SS: Routes 6 and 35, Ilex Forest (via Surfing), Mt. Silver
B/W: Route 11, Route 14, Village Bridge

More power, but the same moves as Psyduck. Evolution nets you higher stats but that's about it. Hydro Pump still kills though, and the mix of Psychic and Water special attacks makes for a bizarre fight.

Evolution: From Psyduck at 33

Level              Attack                         Type
37                    Psych Up                     Normal
44                    Zen Headbutt               Psychic
50                    Amnesia                       Psychic
56                    Hydro Pump                 Water

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