The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 3

Pokémon Name: Nidorino
Type: Poison
Classification: Poison Pin Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 033
Ability: Poison Point and Rivalry
Dream World ability: Hustle
Useful Attacks: Horn Drill
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Route 221, Lake Valor (Poke Radar)
Platinum: Route 221 (Poke Radar)
HG/SS: Evolve Nidoran (M)
Black: Trade, Poke Transfer
White: Evolve Nidoran (M)

The feisty Nidoran becomes a man, gaining larger spikes in the process. His moves are essentially the same, but he's now one step closer to becoming Nidoking, a big bad beastie that can hold his own.

Evolution: From Nidoran (M) at 16, to Nidoking via Moon Stone

Level              Attack                         Type
20                    Fury Attack                  Normal
23                    Horn Attack                 Normal
28                    Helping Hand               Normal
35                    Toxic Spikes                Poison
38                    Flatter                          Dark
43                    Poison Jab                    Poison
50                    Captivate                      Normal
58                    Horn Drill                     Normal

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