The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 12

Pokémon Name: Jynx
Type: Ice/Psychic
Classification: Humanshape Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 124
Ability: Oblivious and Forewarn
Dream World ability: Dry Skin
Useful Attacks: Blizzard
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Evolve from Smoochum
Platinum: Snowpoint Temple
HG/SS: Ice Path, Seafoam Islands
B/W: Giant Chasm (cave)

It looks like a person, was accused of being racist and is one of most garish Pokemon sprites in memory. Even its flavor text says it can make noises that resemble speech, but no one can understand it. That's wrong, and we want to pretend we never read it.

Evolution: From Smoochum at 30

Level              Attack                        Type
33                    Avalanche                  Ice
39                    Body Slam                 Normal
44                    Wring Out                 Normal
49                    Perish Song               Normal
55                    Blizzard                      Ice

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