The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 12

Pokémon Name: Mr. Mime
Type: Psychic
Classification: Barrier Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 122
Ability: Soundproof and Filter
Dream World ability: Technician
Useful Attacks: Psychic
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Route 218 and 222 (Diamond) and evolve from Mime Jr. (Pearl)
Platinum: Route 218
HG/SS: Route 21, Safari Zone (Forest)
B/W: Poke Transfer

His Diamond and Pearl sprite might not be too strange, but watching him move around in Battle Revolution is highly unsettling. His fingers are just... creepy.

Evolution: From Mime Jr. via leveling up with Mimic (18)

Level              Attack                         Type
-                       Magical Leaf                Grass
-                       Power Swap                Psychic
-                       Guard Swap                Psychic
-                       Barrier                         Psychic
-                       Confusion                    Psychic
4                      Copycat                       Normal
8                      Meditate                       Psychic
11                    Encore                         Normal
15                    Doubleslap                   Normal
18                    Mimic                           Normal
22                    Light Screen                 Psychic
25                    Psybeam                      Psychic
29                    Substitute                     Normal
32                    Recycle                        Normal
36                    Trick                            Psychic
39                    Psychic                         Psychic
43                    Role Play                      Psychic
46                    Baton Pass                   Normal
50                    Safeguard                     Normal

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