The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 12

Pokémon Name: Gyarados
Type: Water/Flying
Classification: Atrocious Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 130
Ability: Intimidate
Dream World ability: Moxie
Useful Attacks: Hyper Beam
Location Found:
D/P/P: Fishing with Super Rod almost anywhere
HG/SS: Lake of Rage (Shiny), Mt. Silver, Seafoam Islands, Cerulean Cave, Fuschia City
B/W: Evolve Magikarp

Even though Hyper Beam requires an extra turn, odds are your foe won't be around to notice.

Evolution: From Magikarp at 20

Level              Attack                        Type
20                    Bite                              Dark
23                    Dragon Rage                Dragon
26                    Leer                            Normal
29                    Twister                        Dragon
32                    Ice Fang                       Ice
35                    Aqua Tail                     Water
38                    Rain Dance                   Water
41                    Hydro Pump                 Water
44                    Dragon Dance              Dragon
47                    Hyper Beam                 Normal

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