The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 11

Pokémon Name: Horsea
Type: Water
Classification: Dragon Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 116
Ability: Swift Swim and Snipe
Dream World ability: Damp
Useful Attacks: Brine
Location Found:
D/P/P: Route 226 (fishing with Good Rod)
HG/SS: Whirl Islands, Seafoam Islands; Pokewalker - Warm Beach, Beyond the Sea, Winner's Path
B/W: Route 17, Route 18 (all via Fishing)

This fairly common Pokemon levels up a bit late, but its final phase is even tougher, requiring a Dragon Scale to complete its evolution.

Evolution: To Seadra at 32

Level              Attack                         Type
-                       Bubble                         Water
4                      Smokescreen                Normal
8                      Leer                             Normal
11                    Water Gun                   Water
14                    Focus Energy               Normal
18                    Bubblebeam                 Water
23                    Agility                           Psychic
26                    Twister                         Dragon
30                    Brine                            Water
35                    Hydro Pump                 Water
38                    Dragon Dance              Dragon
42                    Dragon Pulse                Dragon

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