The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 11

Pokémon Name: Seaking
Type: Water
Classification: Goldfish Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 119
Ability: Swift Swim and Water Veil
Dream World ability: Lightningrod
Useful Attacks: Waterfall
Location Found:
D/P/P: Routes 203, 204, 209, any of the three lakes, many others with water and Super Rod
HG/SS: Evolve Goldeen
B/W: Routes 3, 11, 14, Striaton City, Pinwheel Forest (inner area), Lostlorn Forest, Abundant Shrine (all via Fishing, bubble spots only)

Upon writing this Pokedex, we found out that Goldeen and Seaking are the only two Pokemon to learn Waterfall by leveling up. Plenty can learn it via HM07, but these two still have exclusive rights to earning it.

Evolution: From Goldeen at 33

Level              Attack                        Type
40                    Waterfall                     Water
47                    Horn Drill                    Normal
56                    Agility                          Psychic
63                    Megahorn                   Bug

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