The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 10

Pokémon Name: Exeggute
Type: Grass/Psychic
Classification: Egg Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 102
Ability: Chlorophyll
Dream World ability: Harvest
Useful Attacks: Sleep Powder
Location Found:
D/P/P: Great Marsh (requires National Dex)
HG/SS: Use Headbutt on trees; Pokewalker - Big Forest
B/W: Route 18 (swarm)

This strange looking creature mixes some of the better attacks from both Grass and Psychic types, including Leech Seed, Solarbeam and Psychic. Evolution requires a Leaf Stone.

Evolution: To Exeggutor via Leaf Stone

Level              Attack                         Type
-                       Barrage                        Normal
-                       Uproar                         Normal
-                       Hypnosis                      Psychic
7                      Reflect                          Psychic
11                    Leech Seed                  Grass
17                    Bullet Seed                   Grass
19                    Stun Spore                   Grass
21                    Poisonpowder              Poison
23                    Sleep Powder               Grass
27                    Confusion                     Psychic
33                    Worry Seed                 Grass
37                    Natural Gift                  Normal
43                    Solarbeam                    Grass
47                    Psychic                         Psychic

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