The complete Pokemon RBY pokedex, part 10

Pokémon Name: Koffing
Type: Poison
Classification: Poison Gas Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 109
Ability: Levitate
Useful Attacks: Sludge
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Breed Weezing
Platinum: Stark Mountain
HG/SS: Burned Tower, Safari Zone (Marshland); Pokewalker - Town Outskirts
B/W: Poke Transfer

Another one of Team Rocket's early favorites. It's tough not to smile at Koffing's Grimace-like face and chipper demeanor. Too bad his evolution looks like an abomination that needs to be put down. The longer he stays this way, the happier he'll be... though your trainer aspirations may force the evolution.

Evolution: To Weezing at 34

Level              Attack                         Type
-                       Poison Gas                  Poison
-                       Tackle                         Normal
6                      Smog                           Poison
10                    Smokescreen                Normal
15                    Assurance                    Dark
19                    Selfdestruct                  Normal
24                    Sludge                          Poison
28                    Haze                            Ice
33                    Gyro Ball                      Steel
37                    Explosion                     Normal
42                    Sludge Bomb                Poison
46                    Destiny Bond                Ghost
51                    Memento                      Dark

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