The complete Pokemon GSC pokedex, part 6

Pokémon Name: Steelix
Type: Steel/Ground
Classification: Iron Snake Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 207
Ability: Rock Head & Sturdy
Dream World ability: Sheer Force
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Iron Mountain, Snowpoint Temple, Victory Road
Platinum: Victory Road, Iron Island
HG/SS: Route 47 (cave), Mt. Silver, trading any Pokemon with Jasmine
B/W: Evolve Onix
Evolution: From Onix via Metal Coat

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Thunder Fang            Electric
-                       Ice Fang                     Ice
-                       Fire Fang                   Fire
-                       Mud Sport                  Ground
-                       Tackle                         Normal
-                       Harden                       Normal
-                       Bind                            Normal
6                      Screech                      Normal
9                      Rock Throw                Rock
14                    Rage                           Normal
17                    Rock Tomb                Rock
22                    Sandstorm                  Rock
25                    Slam                           Normal
30                    Rock Polish                Rock
33                    Dragonbreath             Dragon
38                    Iron-Tail                      Steel
41                    Crunch                        Dark
46                    Double-edge             Normal
49                    Stone Edge               Rock

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