The complete Pokemon GSC pokedex, part 4

Pokémon Name: Sunflora
Type: Grass
Classification: Sun Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 192
Ability: Chlorophyll & Solar Power
Dream World ability: Early Bird
Location Found:
D/P/P/HG/SS: Evolve from Sunkern
B/W: Route 12 (shaking patches only)
Evolution: From Sunkern via Sun Stone

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Absorb                       Grass
-                       Pound                         Normal
-                       Growth                        Normal
5                      Mega Drain                Grass
9                      Ingrain                       Grass
13                    Grasswhistle              Grass
17                    Leech Seed               Grass
21                    Bullet Seed                Grass
25                    Worry Seed               Grass
29                    Razor Leaf                 Grass
33                    Petal Dance               Grass
37                    Sunny Day                  Fire
41                    Solar beam                Grass
43                    Leaf Storm                 Grass

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