The complete Pokemon GSC pokedex, part 2

Pokémon Name: Spinarak
Type: Bug / Poison
Classification: String Spit Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 167
Ability: Insomnia and Swarm
Dream World ability: Sniper
Useful Attacks: Leech Life
Location Found:
HeartGold: All over the place via Headbutting trees
D/P/P/SS: Breed Ariados
B/W: Breed Ariados

Spinarak is a good counterpart to Ledyba - it's more focused on attack than defense, and also mixes up its move types a bit more. Poison, Dark, Ghost and Psychic join Bug and Normal, offering a decent blend of options.

Evolution: To Ariados at 22

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Poison Sting              Poison
-                       String Shot                 Bug
5                      Scary Face                Normal
8                      Constrict                     Normal
12                    Leech Life                  Bug
15                    Night Shade               Ghost
19                    Shadow Sneak          Ghost
22                    Fury Swipes               Normal
26                    Sucker Punch            Dark
29                    Spider Web               Bug
33                    Agility                        Psychic
36                    Pin Missile                 Bug
40                    Psychic                     Psychic
43                    Poison Jab                Poison

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