The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 9

Pokémon Name: Dialga
Type: Dragon / Steel
Classification: Time
Pokédex Number: 483 National
Ability: Pressure – Opponent uses 2 PP when attacking
Dream World ability: Telepathy – Always avoids damage from teammates' moves in double and triple battles
Useful Attacks: Roar of Time
Location Found:
Diamond/Platinum: Spear Pillar
Pearl: Trade with Diamond/Platinum
HG/SS: Sinjoh Ruins while event Arceus is the only Pokemon in your party
B/W: Poke Transfer

Dialga is Pokémon Diamond's covermonster. Dialga's revived by Team Galactic with the aim of using its power over time itself to restart the universe, and is stopped by Sinnoh's trio of guardian spirits. Dialga's type combination protects it from its susceptibility to both of the Dragon type's Ice and Dragon weaknesses, but opens it up to two more common types, Fighting and Ground. Dialga's signature move, Roar of Time, is more powerful at face value, but leaves Dialga immobile the following turn, making its use risky.

Level               Attack                      Type
-                       Dragonbreath            Dragon
-                       Scary Face                Normal
10                    Metal Claw                Steel
20                    Ancient Power           Rock
30                    Dragon Claw             Dragon
40                    Roar of Time              Dragon
50                    Heal Block                 Psychic
60                    Earth Power               Ground
70                    Slash                          Normal
80                    Flash Cannon              Steel
90                    Aura Sphere               Fighting

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