The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 8

Pokémon Name: Magmortar
Type: Fire
Classification: Smokey Breath
Pokédex Number: 467 National
Ability: Flame Body – May burn opponent when hit by a physical attack. Also halves the steps needed to hatch eggs when placed in the first slot
Dream World ability: Vital Spirit – prevents Sleep status
Useful Attacks: Flamethrower
Location Found:
D/P/P/HG/SS: Evolve from Magmar by trading while holding a Magmarizer
Black: Trade, Poke Transfer
White: Evolve Magmar

Magmortar is the evolution of classic Red and Blue Pokémon, Magmar. Evolving Magmar into Magmortar is a convoluted process, much like evolving Electabuzz into Electivire: first you'll have to defeat the Elite Four, then insert a LeafGreen cartridge into the GBA slot and capture the Magbies that appear in a few areas. Every once in a while, you'll capture a Magby holding a Magmarizer, which will evolve Magmar when he's traded with it. Like Electivire, Magmortar's a formidable Fire Pokémon, wielding powerful Physical- and Special- based Fire attacks.

Level               Attack                      Type
37                    Lava Plume                Fire
43                    Flamethrower             Fire
52                    Sunny Day                 Fire
58                    Fire Blast                   Fire
67                    Hyper Beam              Normal

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  • Gantum - March 29, 2011 7:48 p.m.

    Go to the move tutor in BlackThorn City and use a heart scale to teach Piloswine Ancient Power, it does not learn it on its own.
  • chris001 - December 11, 2010 2:14 a.m.

    hey my Piloswine never learned ancietpower and now it's lvl 97
  • itzrichkid - November 9, 2010 11:38 p.m.

    i need help finding an evee
  • Tigeth - September 1, 2008 12:43 a.m.

  • jackson - August 6, 2009 1:33 a.m.

    Electivire and Machamp are the heads of my party! great article, it helped me see who i was missing!

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