The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 5

We run through the entire list - with pics and statistics

Pok%26eacute;mon Name: Glameow
Type: Normal
Classification: Beguiling
Pok%26eacute;dex Number: 76 Sinnoh / 431 National
Abilities: Limber %26ndash; Can%26rsquo;t be paralyzed; Own Tempo %26ndash; Can't be confused
Dream World ability: Keen Eye %26ndash; Accuracy cannot be lowered
Useful Attacks: Fake Out
Location Found:
Pearl: Route 222, 229
Diamond/Platinum/HG/SS: Trade with Pearl
B/W: Poke Transfer, Dream World - Pleasant Forest (requires over 7500 Dream Points)

This innocent looking Pok%26eacute;mon is anything but. With its sultry eyes and lithe, elastic physique it lures its prey in and then pounces...weakly, with Normal-type attacks. While popular pets of Team Galactic, wild Glameow can only be found in Pok%26eacute;mon Pearl. Only one in four Glameow is born male, making breeding moves into these difficult.

Evolves to Purugly at level 38.

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